texte en francais
Zanzibar le crazy Frenchman: in french or english
duration: 40 minutes
summary: sunglasses special, 3 diabolos,
rotation while juggling 3 machetes ontop of 10 ft circus ladder.
all that with comedy and audience participation
long version : up to an hour with 7 balls or 4 torches routine,
and big unicycle comedy with kid volunteer.
all acts can be performed separately
stage requirements :
Surface: 6 m x 6 m minimum, but 10 m x 10 m is better
Height: 5 meters minimum.
Ground: flat, hard and not slippery. very important for the ladder finale
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the bubble shows : to music or in French or English
duration: 3 to 30 minutes
summary: bubbles close up, bubbles inside bubbles, smoke bubbles,
bubbles in motion, giant bubbles, interaction with the audience
performed on 3 continents
stage requirements :
Surface: 4 m x 3 m
Music: no music or cd track
the cabaret show : international
4 different acts
duration: 3 to 7 minutes each
summary: ladder, bubbles, diabolos and a sunglasses comedy special
stage requirements :
Surface: for the ladder act 6 m x 6 m , for the other acts 4 m x 3 m
Height: 5 meters minimum for the ladder act and the diabolos act.
Ground: flat, leveled and no carpet for the ladder act.
Music: cd track
the walkabout show : international
duration: about 1 to 2 hours, different acts
summary: bubble businessman: interaction with people while making
big bubbles tricks
5 foot unicycle or 7 foot ladder roving: interaction and tricks
combo juggler: manipulating sunglasses while juggling,
hat and sunglasses tricks and comedy interaction.
all acts can be performed at the same event providing
a variety of skills and building relationship with the public.
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Glastonbury Festival 2013